Proposals for reforming of unconventional gas exploration and production regulation in the area of environmental protection based on international experience

The survey has been prepared by KT-Energy LLC within the framework of Ukrainian Unconventional Gas Institute project, implemented by Shell Exploration and Production Investments (IV) BV in cooperation wit hthe British Council.

The research represents analysis of legislative framework of the British Columbia (Canada), the United Kingdom and Poland with respect to regulatory and permitting practices for production of unconventional hydrocarbons. The research offers information about regulatory bodies, covers the issue of environmental impact assessment, oil and gas well deployment restrictions, permitting procedures in the sphere of subsoil preservation and water use, process requirements to hydrocarbon production, as well as suggests brief outline of the implemented and proposed measures for optimization of regulatory and permitting practices in each country or province. The “Comparison of regulatory practices” section provides consolidated comparison chart about regulatory practices for hydrocarbon production in the British Columbia (Canada), the United Kingdom, Poland and Ukraine.

Moreover, the “Proposals for adjustment of regulatory practices in Ukraine” section represents potential enhancements to regulatory environment recognizing the international experience and “Regulations on exploration and production of (unconventional) hydrocarbons in the framework of environment protection and monitoring” research. The proposals analyze three aspects of reforming regulatory framework, namely: enhancement of permitting procedures, unconventional hydrocarbon production specifics and raising transparency and awareness.

Subsoil users, governmental officials, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders are the primary audience of this research.

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