China extracted 200 million cubic meters of shale gas in 2013

In 2013 China significantly increased shale gas production, which amounted to 200 million cubic meters, Bloomberg reports citing Ministry of land resources of China.

For comparison, at the beginning of 2013 total amount of shale gas extracted in China was estimated at the level of 30 million cubic meters, out of which 15 million cubic meters were extracted in 2012.

According to the report of National Energy Administration of China, as for December 2013 daily shale gas extraction rate was equal to 2 million cubic meters. If such extraction rate will be kept in 2014 annual shale gas extraction level in could exceed 700 million cubic meters.

As reported, in accordance with  national plan of China for shale gas extraction, till 2015 shale gas extraction should reach 6,5 billion cubic meters per year.