Shale Gas World – Europe. Warsaw. 27-28 November

On 27-28 of November 2013 leading European conference devoted to the potential of unconventional hydrocarbons extraction will take place in Warsaw. 4th Annual Shale Gas World Europe forum will gather all interested parties involved in the unconventional gas projects in Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania and other European countries.

Сланцевий газ у світі - Європа. Варшава. 27-28 листопада

Warsaw. 27-28 of November, 2013

Among the forum participants there will be exploration and extraction companies, service suppliers for oil and gas industry, governments representatives, independent experts etc.

Over 50 leading shale gas industry suppliers will participate in the exhibition showcasing their products and solutions. Latest technological developments will be presented during special seminars and the plans of industry leaders on further progress in shale gas extraction in Europe will be announced during the conference.

“Shale Gas World – Europe” – is the place for European wide discussion towards the development of unconventional gas resources.

For detailed information please visit the conference web-site. To find out more about conference program and list of exhibitors please visit the following links:

conference program;

exhibitors list.

The representatives of “Naftogas of Ukrain” will also take part in the conference bringing the attention to the perspectives of unconventional hydrocarbons extraction in Ukraine.