Shale gas debate intensifies in Germany



As reports, the debate on the perspectives of shale gas extraction at the territory of Germany intensifies ahead of parliament elections, which are to be held in September, 2013.

Opponents of shale gas extraction are raising attention to significant environmental risks of this technology, while large industrial groups urge the government to draw up rules to allow exploration.

High energy resources prices and their impact on competitiveness of German companies  are forcing them to seek new ways of covering their energy demand. Shale gas is treated as an important option for the energy supply diversification.

One alternative for shale gas extraction at its own territory would be to import either shale gas or electricity produced from shale from other countries such as Poland or Ukraine, which also plan to extract shale gas in significant amounts.

It is forecasted, that the mining law covering licensing decisions will not be reformed before the elections and the amendments will depend on the composition of the next government.