Geo-Alliance plans shale gas extraction

Geo-Alliance company is preparing for shale gas extraction at the territory of Lugansk region. According to UNIAN, the announcement came from the Head of the department of “Geo-Alliance Vysochanske”, Sergiy Stogniy, during the meeting of National Commission, which regulates energy industry on 8 of August, 2013.

It is planned to perform hydraulic fracturing on well #2 of Vysochanske field (Slovianoserbskyi district, Lugansk region). According to Sergiy Stogniy, the site for hydraulic fracturing has been prepared in July-August. Design works for the project are performed by US oil and gas service company Halliburton.

Geo-Alliance company is owned by EastOne and Arawak Energy (Vitol Group). Geo-Alliance owns 16 licenses for hydrocarbons extraction at the combined area of about 1090 square kilometers.

In the future it is planned to perform hydraulic fracturing operations also at the others wells of the company.