Ukraine Takes Center Stage on US-EU Energy Council Meeting

The fifth EU-US Energy Council met today in Brussels, chaired by EU High Representative/Vice President Catherine Ashton, EU Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and US Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman. The Energy Council, a forum on EU-US energy priorities, promotes transparent and secure global energy markets; fosters policy and regulatory cooperation on efficient and sustainable energy use; and pursues joint research and development on clean energy technologies.

5 засідання Енергетичної Ради ЄС-США

5th meeting of EU-US Energy Council. ©EEAS

The crisis in Ukraine and energy security of Ukraine were among maing discussion topics during the meeting. The EU and the United States re-affirmed their condemnation of the illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Developments in Ukraine have brought energy security concerns to the fore and prove the need to reinforce energy security in Europe.

In a joint statement the EU and United States recognised that their energy security concerns and those of their friends and partners pose common challenges, and the Parties are considering new collaborative efforts to address these challenges. The Council underscored that energy relations with Russia must be based on reciprocity, transparency, fairness, non-discrimination, openness to competition and continued cooperation to ensure a level playing field for the safe and secure supply of energy.

The Council affirmed its strong support for Ukraine’s efforts to diversify its supplies of natural gas including through the rapid enhancement of reverse flow capacities, increased gas storage capacity, and decisive measures recently announced with the IMF to build a competitive energy economy. The Council also welcomed the firm commitment of the Ukrainian Government to transform its system of subsidised consumer energy prices into targeted measures that mitigate the impact of price increases on the poor and vulnerable. The EU and the United States also welcome the determination of the Ukrainian government to pursue energy efficiency, market transparency, and the long overdue restructuring and reform of Naftogaz. The Council emphasised that all near-term actions to improve Ukraine’s energy security should be pursued in the context of a strategic vision of full integration into the European energy market. In this context, the Council reaffirmed its commitment to work with Ukraine on the legislative and regulatory reforms necessary to realise this vision and support it along its path.

The Council further welcomed the prospect of US LNG exports in the future since additional global supplies will benefit Europe and other strategic partners.