Map of the wells and areas

Ukraine has significant potential for unconventional gas (shale gas, tight sand gas, coal bed methane etc.) production.

Shale gas reserves and major fields of Ukraine

As for 2014, such major oil and gas industry companies like Shell, Chevron and Eni work on unconventional gas extraction project in Ukraine at different stages.

Shell is involved in two projects foreseeing tight sand gas extraction. Within the first project realized in cooperation with state company Ukrgasproduction Shell drilled two wells, and performed hydrofracking operation at one of them. The first well did not provide commercial gas flow. Within the second project Shell signed project sharing agreement for the exploration and production of tight sand gas at Yuzivska area (7 886 square kilometers, Dnieper-Donetsk basin). For 2014 preparatory activities, baseline environmental study and environmental impact assessment are planned.

Chevron signed product sharing agreement for the exploration and production of shale gas on Oleska area (6 324 square kilometers, Lviv-Lublin basin). The negotiations on signing the operational agreement to commence the project is still ongoing.

Eni also owns licenses for natural gas extraction at 9 blocks in Lviv-Lublin basin with total area of 3.8 thousand square kilometers and investigate the feasibility of shale gas production. Shale gas extraction is possible at 7 blocks.

Besides, Ukraine also has prospective areas for coal bed methane extraction and natural gas extraction from Black Sea deepwater shelf.

The scheme of location of main areas with unconventional gas deposits as well as the wells with planned or performed hydrofracking operations is presented below (for more information, please, click on the marks at the map). The locations of the wells and areas presented on the map are approximate.


- areas with shale gas deposits


- areas with tight sand gas deposits

grey-cbm- areas with coal bed methane gas deposits


- areas with deepwater gas deposits

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